We are now ready to take bookings! The Shepherd’s hut is situated 7 minutes from The Mill and can be booked together with The Mill or on its own, all year long. With its cosy wood burner and the beautiful canopy of the trees, this is a place to rest and sit back. It’s snuggled near to the Yurt, so this can also be booked together.

Its looking so good! It has been filled with Oak, Sycamore, Douglas fir and Elm and fabrics from Orwell and Goode with beautifully made blinds and cushions. A stunning Sycamore table (wood from The Mill) has been made in a folding half moon table, seats and drawers, panelling, wood burner and more, helped by many but a shout goes out to Mr Hislop! We want it to be a quirky experience and a fun place to stay.  It’s not too far away from all that is going on in The Mill, thus ideal for the teenagers or parents.

There is a cold tap and kettle and cooking area to heat up water.  Outside is a fire pit and seats, two hammocks and more can be put up. A wee gas cooker is available with utensils and a frying pan.  Compost loos are nearly installed……

Please note that long stays for long people may not be ideal as the beds are only 172cm long (standard beds are 190cm). The top bunk is 62 cm wide the bottom 85.5wide.


  • one night £30
  • weekend £90
  • midweek £60
  • week £140