While taking the dogs for a walk in Black Andrew forest. I bumped into Walter Baxter, a photographer a low flying aircraft enthusiast.  We had a chat about these amazing planes that come over the house and hills.  He very kindly gave me a lot of his photographs and I also created a board on Pinterest if people are interested to see more photographs.

They can be very noisy so do stick your fingers in your ears, but its short lived and quite exciting, if you like that sort of thing!

He wrote in an email “I thought you might like to see some shots taken from BA of a Tornado GR4 passing by at 100 feet earlier in the month.  You might want to add that the Selkirk to Moffat Valley is used for operational low flying training by RAF fast jets and Hercules aircraft and the valley is flowed from East to West. The training area LFA 20(T) covers the border area of Southern Scotland and Northern England. Tornado jets and Hercules aircraft can fly as low as 100 feet above ground level during certain time slots but will usually fly between 250 and 500 feet AGL. The valley is often quiet and Wales and the Lakes are busier low flying areas”.

 photo 527A3569_zpsnyt3fxym.jpg
 photo 527A3613_zpsuo9vwel5.jpg
 photo 527A6192_zpsb345diqq.jpg

I think you will agree they are AMAZING photographs.  Thank you Walter.