If you are star gazing enthusiast, then we have a telescope that has been given to us by lovely friends up the Yarrow Valley.  It is an all singing and dancing one and is quite big to keep in The Mill, so if you would like to have it for your stay, then we can get it out and dust it down for your use.

Dark Sky Discovery site has lots to look at and top tips on how to get more out of star gazing.  We can print off pocket star charts if you would like too from this site.

Yarrow and Ettrick Valley have virtually no artificial light pollution and are therefore an ideal location for star-gazing.  The Etrrick and Yarrow Valley web site are in the process of establishing a number of Dark Sky Discovery sites in the valleys and will update the website once these have been formally recognised.  In the meantime, you can see a fantastic night sky from most places in the valleys and on a clear night, whenever you look up there will be something to take your interest.  The Milky Way is visible to the naked eye.

The winter months are a good time for looking at the stars as we have longer darkness.  These are the times when you may also be lucky and see the Aurora Borealis, or ‘Northern Lights‘.

So don’t be shy, please ask and we can easily set it up for you.